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Whatever the size of your meeting, Benenden Village Hall is the ideal venue with adequate parking, a choice of meeting rooms, projectors, projector screens, tables, chairs and communal facilities including toilets and a well-equipped kitchen.

The small hall / meeting room is ideal for smaller meetings for up to 30 people.

The small hall / meeting room has its own supply of tables (6) and chairs (18) although additional tables and chairs can be borrowed from the main table and chair store in the main hall.

The small hall / meeting room is also equipped with a motorised ceiling-mounted projector screen that hirers are welcome to use with their own equipment or the hall has a portable projector that is available to hire.

The is also a flip chart stand / whiteboard that hirers are welcome to borrow (paper and pens not supplied).

The main hall is ideal for larger meetings with chairs for up to 180 people.

The main hall is also equipped with a motorised projector screen that hirers are welcome to use with their own equipment or the hall has a projector that is available to hire.

The projector in the main hall can be connected to wirelessly using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone or using a VGA / HDMI cable (supplied) using a laptop.

The main hall also has a selection of wireless microphones, including a lapel microphone and a headset microphone,  that are available to hire for use with the main hall’s sound system.

The communal kitchen is equipped with a mains water boiler which is able to supply boiling water for approx. 130 cup per hour.

(tea, coffee, milk, etc. not supplied)

If you will be selling and supplying alcohol at your event, you will require a licence to do so. Arrangements can be made to use the hall’s alcohol licence or you can apply to the local authority for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) that will last for 7 days. A licence will not be required for alcohol being given away providing there is no charge / donation. If alcohol is included as part of a ticket or entrance fee then a licence will be required.

Library of Manuals

Entertainment Equipment

Hire of the entertainment equipment includes use of the following equipment.

Badminton Court

Local Village Halls / Venues


No. Halls


Outside Space





Benenden Village Hall has a Buffalo 3kW 10 Litre Auto-Fill Water Boiler.

The boiler usually takes 15-20 minutes to reach ‘ready’ state.

Plastic Items

The kitchen has a selection of plastic jugs and colourful tumblers, bowls and plates that are ideal for children’s parties.

12 jugs

28 tumblers

29 bowls

14 baby food bowls

36 plates


The kitchen has a selection of different glassware that hirers are welcome to use.

78 glass tumblers

25 champagne flutes

31 small glasses

34 wine glasses

6 small stemmed glasses

11 glass jugs

Stage Lighting

The stage lighting is controlled by an ETC ColorSource 40 lighting console.


Please Note: This equipment is only to be operated by competent / experienced persons.


Benenden Village Hall has a Nelson SC45 WSDP commercial dishwasher.


The kitchen is well stocked with a selection of different crockery including cups, saucers, bowls & plates.

  • 78 cups
  • 178 saucers
  • 144 medium cups
  • 33 saucers
  • 100 small cups
  • 21 saucers
  • 109 plates (21.5 cm)
  • 133 plates (16 cm)
  • 62 bowls (16 cm)
  • 95 plates (25cm)
  • 28 plates (26 cm)
  • 57 assorted plates
  • 26 Bowls (17 cm)

Hearing Loop

The sound system in the main hall incorporates a PDA Range 500/2 Induction Loop Amplifier.

Main Hall Projector

The main hall has a projector mounted on the lighting bar in front of the stage. The projector is an NEC VT670 projector and is operated by a remote control.

The projector has two inputs, a VGA input with an HDMI adapter for use with a laptop; and a video input with an RCA plug (yellow) which can be used with the hall’s DVD player.

Sound System

The main hall is equipped with a sound system and speakers for playing music (recorded or live) and/or using with microphones.

The system is controlled by a Soundcraft Spirit E8 10-channel mixer (8 mono mic/line , 2 stereo line inputs). 

  • Marantz CD5400 CD Player
  • Marantz SD4040 Twin Cassette Deck
  • Audio Technics ATW-R160 UHF Receiver (microphones)
  • 2 x interM L1400 Professional Power Amplifiers

The audio input for use with mobile phones / devices uses a standard 3.5 mm jack plug with adapters for use with most mobile phones.

Benenden Village Hall has adapters for the following which may be borrowed:

  • USB-C
  • Micro USB
  • Lightning